News story 20th Dec 2016

Professor appointed to government board

On Friday 16 December, the Turnbull government issued a media statement announcing the appointment of Professor Deborah Ralston as a part-time member of the Payments System Board (PSB) for a term of five years.

“Since 1998, the Payments System Board has had responsibility for the payments system policy of the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA).”

It is chaired by the Governor of the Bank and is required to exercise its responsibilities in a way that best contributes to: controlling risk in the financial system, promoting the efficiency of the payments system and promoting competition in the market for payment services, consistent with the overall stability of the financial system.

I am very pleased to be appointed to the Payments System Board. Disruptive technologies are presenting many challenges and opportunities for financial markets infrastructure, so it’s an exciting time to be involved.

Professor Deborah Ralston

Professor Ralston was the Executive Director of the Australian Centre for Financial Studies, and is the Cluster Leader for the Monash-CSIRO Superannuation Research Cluster, capitalising on her extensive experience in coordinating and managing research and dissemination programs. Deborah is Chair of the Australian Securities and Investments Commission’s Digital Finance Advisory Committee. She has held various leadership positions in Australian universities, and has extensive experience as a non-executive director.

Deborah Ralston is a Professor of Finance with Monash Business School with research interests predominantly in the area of financial services. She has been widely published in the areas of financial regulation, superannuation, and innovation.

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