News story 27th Aug 2015

International scholar visits the Department of Business Law and Taxation

Professor Peter Bowal from the Haskayne School of Business, University of Calgary, visited the Department of Business Law and Taxation in the second semester of 2015.

International scholar visits department

During his visit, Professor Bowal provided a comparative perspective on Australian employment law and co-taught the postgraduate unit Human Resources Management Law. In addition, he presented a seminar on 'Disciplining Employees Who Express Safety Concerns in the Workplace: the Canadian Regulatory Experience', hosted by the Workplace and Corporate Research Group.

Professor Bowal drew on his experience as Chair of the Alberta Occupational Health and Safety Council to reflect on the effectiveness of regulatory mechanisms that protect employees from reprisals for making complaints about workplace safety issues.

The Department of Business Law and Taxation brings leading scholars from around the world to Monash Business School each year.

"These visits provide students and staff with an opportunity to network with international researchers and to draw on these scholars' unique insights about the regulatory effectiveness of Australian laws in light of overseas systems," says Dr Carolyn Sutherland, Director (Workplace Law) of the Workplace and Corporate Law Research Group.

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