News story 1st Feb 2017

South Asia Conference

On 11 and 12 January 2017, the CDES co-hosted the Conference on Human Capital, Food Security and Economic Development in South Asia in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

The Conference, which was organised together with the Institute of Policy Studies of Sri Lanka (IPS) and the South-Asia Research Network (SARN), brought together academics, practitioners, heads of research institutions, the Economic Advisor to the President of Sri Lanka and the Sri Lankan Minister for Special Assignments to discuss the most pressing challenges facing South Asia.

Practically every development problem can be studied in this region.

CDES Director Professor Sisira Jayasuriya, as quoted in Daily Mirror

Throughout the Conference, the importance of economic policy-makers engaging with researchers, and of researchers similarly connecting with policy-makers, was both emphasised and acted upon through ideas sharing on issues spanning health, education, gender, climate change, food security, inequality and macroeconomic policy.

The Conference was the first collaborative forum held by the CDES in South Asia. In addition to furthering the Centre's commitment to promoting international collaboration in the fields of development economics and sustainability, it provided a valuable opportunity to present a sample of the work being undertaken at Monash Business School in the region.

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Copies of the slides from the Conference are available here (click on the blue italicised links).

In the media

Issues raised at the Conference were highlighted in the following media articles: