The Monash MBA

Patrick Butler

Thank you for joining us on the Monash MBA site.

I hope that you will find useful and helpful information here if you are considering an MBA; it is one of the critical decisions of your professional career. We have set out the details and benefits of the Monash MBA, profiles of our teaching staff and students, and our approach to executive development – do please contact us directly if we can help with any aspect of your exploration.

Our MBA program is the anchor program of Monash Business School. The emphasis is on the broad base of executive skills to organise and lead functional specialists. This is critical for business, and is a distinguishing feature of our program.

In our increasingly complex world, the ability to make sense of what is happening around us and to prioritise strategically will be the hallmarks of executive capability. We are continually developing programs, courses and material that empower the next generation of leaders. We have moved beyond outmoded management assumptions and business models that were designed to solve yesterday's problems of scale, standardisation and efficiency.

For us, leadership in such a rapidly-evolving and disruptive environment must be about transformation - and that demands a global perspective, innovation, imagination, agility and integrity. Our Leadership and Professional  Development Program is an integral part of the MBA, and includes critical and reflective work on personal style, networking and career management.

In the Monash MBA, we constantly strive for the right balance of the intellectual rigour of a graduate university program and the application capabilities necessary for management practice. This requires us to combine the leading insights of our research-oriented academic staff with the hard-won experience of reflective executives and leaders. Indeed, this approach epitomises the Monash heritage; this is what generations of Monash University researchers, teachers and students have excelled in, and we are committed to that tradition in the Monash MBA program.

The commitment you make to your professional future by taking on an MBA is a powerful indication of your sense of purpose in the world. I hope you will find that the Monash MBA will enable you to build a successful and rewarding career.

Professor Patrick Butler