Business School News | 8th May 2017
Australian Federal Budget 2017 - Outsourcing Economic Forecasting

Forecasting best remains with treasury: economists

The ESA Monash Forum looks at whether the Government should outsource the economic forecasts used in framing the Budget to an independent agency (such as the Parliamentary Budget Office), as now happens in the United Kingdom.

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Business School News | 24th Apr 2017
reserving australian gas

Diverting gas for domestic use may harm sector: economists

Top economists have argued that asking gas producers to divert reserves for domestic consumption is not the right policy setting, despite the threat of looming domestic gas shortages in winter.

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Business School News | 4th Apr 2017

EQUIS celebrates 20th year

Monash Business School is honoured to be part of the global business school accreditation system, EQUIS, which is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year.

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Business School News | 23rd Mar 2017
Housing investment

How far should reform of the CGT deduction on housing investment go?

A leading forum of Australian academic economists have given a mixed report card on whether the federal government should reform the 50% deduction on capital gains tax deduction on property investment, to tackle rising house prices and an over-stimulated property market.

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Business School News | 28th Feb 2017
Construction site workers

Identity check needed to stamp out fraudulent phoenix activities: research

A three-year joint research project recommends new company directors should undergo a 100 point identity check to stamp out fraudulent company phoenix activity.

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