News story 21st Apr 2016

Monash Business School: gateway to the world

Monash Business School is connected on a global scale. Our unique international footprint facilitates our direct access to major business hubs around the world.

Where Monash Business School’s Melbourne campuses are ideally located to access academic and industry expertise in the Asia-Pacific region, Monash Prato provides a gateway to the Northern Hemisphere.

Monash Prato

Monash Prato Centre

“Through Monash Prato, we are able to convene with global experts and specialists in a strategic location. It provides our staff and students the opportunity to exchange ideas with experts from all over the world on issues of international relevance and complexity,” explains Professor Gary Magee, Deputy Dean Research and Director of the Centre for Global Business.

“At Monash Business School, we are always finding new ways of doing things on a global scale. We already have a number of exciting research initiatives currently underway at Prato and we are pleased to take things further with some exciting events to be held at Prato this June,” Professor Magee added.

8th Summer School in Development Economics

Our first event at Prato is the 8th Summer School in Development Economics, which will be held from 20-23 June.

The Summer School is a joint initiative of the Centre for Development Economics and Sustainability, the Italian Society of Economic Development (IDEAs), and the Universities of Salerno, Verona and Trento.

Aimed at PhD students, post-docs and junior faculty member, the Summer School seeks to provide young researchers with exposure to cutting-edge empirical and theoretical research in development economics, as well as mentoring.

It provides young researchers with a constructive atmosphere in which they can present their research projects and discuss them with some of the leaders in the field of development economics. More information on this event is available on the CDES events page.

Fundamental to our success is an unrelenting commitment to excellence and support for our research students, early career researchers and emerging research leaders

Professor Gary Magee

Sustainable Development Workshop

The Monash Business and Sustainability Network will host its fourth Sustainable Development Workshop from 24 to 25 June. The Network will bring together a core group of Monash scholars and a select group of researchers and practitioners from around the world.

The aim of this workshop is to stimulate new ideas, deepen existing research relationships and to explore further opportunities for further conversation and collaboration.

The workshop sessions will cover cross-cutting themes, such as the stability of the global economic and financial system, food security, and transforming business practices for sustainability. Visit the CDES events page to find our more.

2nd International Symposium on Healthcare Improvement and Innovation

Organised by the Department of Management, this symposium provides an avenue for international healthcare professionals, researchers and academics, to network, share, discuss, and learn about the latest issues relating to healthcare improvement and innovation.

Prior to the Symposium on 28 June, a one-day workshop for doctoral candidates and early career researchers in healthcare will be held to discuss opportunities and challenges of research in the healthcare sector with leading researchers in the field.

More information on the Symposium can be found on our website.

Support and collaboration

These events highlight Monash Business School’s commitment to transforming business, addressing global problems and contributing in a meaningful way to the issues that matter.

“In order for us to achieve our goals, we’re constantly increasing our connections with the world’s very best researchers and industry leaders. We’re breaking down the traditional barriers between fields of study, by creating cross-disciplinary research teams and centres.”

“Fundamental to our success is an unrelenting commitment to excellence and support for our research students, early career researchers and emerging research leaders,” Professor Magee concluded.

For more information on Monash Business School’s research, please visit the research section of our website.