News story 2nd Nov 2016

ARC research grant success

The ARC has recently announced the outcome of the ARC Discovery and DECRA schemes for grants commencing in 2017. The nine ARC Discovery Projects and one DECRA project submitted through Monash Business School have been successful.


Our success rate was 42.9 per cent in the ARC Discovery Scheme and 20 per cent in the DECRA scheme.

The $3.3 million awarded to Monash Business School researchers amounts to 27.8 per cent of all funds allocated by the ARC via its Discovery and DECRA schemes to business and economics disciplines this year.

This is a truly excellent result and clearly demonstrates the considerable research strength and depth of Monash Business School. This is a fantastic performance in these fields and places us well ahead of all other universities in the country.

Gary Magee

Deputy Dean, Research

We would like to congratulate the following researchers on their successes:

Discovery Early Career Researcher Award

DE170100713 – Dr Bonsoo Koo: $340,000
Project Title: Nonparametric estimation and forecasting of yield curve dynamics.


DP170102834 – Professor Klaus Abbink, Professor Lata Gangadharan, Associate  Professor  Toby  Handfield, Dr John Thrasher, Dr David Skarbek: $231,500
Project Title: Informal sanctions and bad social norms.

DP170104421 – Professor Jiti Gao: $337,000.00
Project Title: Econometric model building and estimation.

DP170101167 – Professor Philip Grossman, Professor Lata Gangadharan and Associate Professor Erte Xiao: $388,500
Project Title: An economic study of charitable giving.

DP170100177 – Professor David Johnston: $403,500
Project Title: Microeconomic effects of Australian natural disasters.

DP170101514 – Dr Kohyar Kiazad: $172,685
Project Title: Strengthening Australia’s science workforce.

DP170100339 – Professor Jakob Madsen: $381,500
Project Title: Inequality and economic growth.

DP170100729 – Professor Gael Martin and Dr David Frazier: $391,000
Project Title: The validation of approximate Bayesian computation.

DP170103135 – Dr Vasilis Sarafidis: $379,500
Project Title: Micro-panel data with non-linear error components.

DP170102840 – Professor Yves Zenou - $230,000
Project Title: The analysis of social networks.

We would also like to congratulate Dr Jagjit Plahe and Associate Professor Dennis Petrie who have been named as investigators on successful DPs to be administered by other universities:

  • Professor Christoph Antons; Professor Michael Blakeney; Professor Kadambot Siddique; Professor Dr Philippe Cullet; Professor Dr Yunita Triwardani Winarto; Dr Gregory Acciaioli; Dr Jagjit Plahe
    • Project Title: Food security and the governance of local knowledge in India and Indonesia
  • Professor Anne Kavanagh; Professor Anthony LaMontagne; Associate Professor Dennis Petrie; Dr Allison Milner; Associate Professor Julie Simpson; Miss Zoe Aitken; Professor Eric Emerson; Professor Tony Blakely
    • Project Title: The effect of acquiring a disability in adulthood.

In addition, we congratulate Associate Professor Dennis Petrie on being a CI on a team that was awarded an NHMRC CRE grant to be administered at another university:

  • NHMRC Centre of Research Excellence – “Centre of Research Excellence in Disability and Health”

Further details on the Discovery projects can be found in RMS.