I moved from interstate to study at Monash because I was passionate about finding an institution that offered high quality education and flexible courses.

Prior to Monash, I compared several universities across Victoria and found that Monash offered a range of double degrees which appealed to my broad interest in business. Before I started I really had very little idea about what business was and where it could take you. While studying I've developed a deeper understanding of the synergy between business divisions.

I took a two-year break from studying and during that time I had full-time employment in a couple of large organisations.

I participated in some managerial roles which I found fascinating. Upon returning to studying I wanted to pursue management but also wanted to broaden my knowledge to include marketing. This is why the double degree in management and marketing suits me perfectly; it accommodates my dual interest and gives me the benefits of two degrees in only four years.

Monash allowed me to achieve two bachelor's degrees in a fraction of the time!

The double degree really appealed to me and is one of the many reasons I chose Monash. It seemed like a really intelligent combination. Graduates have a deeper level of understanding and a multidimensional insight into different areas of business. Not only that, a double degree means a better level of understanding and a competitive edge as it can be a point of difference that sets you apart from the crowd.

The work environment is changing and the more skills you have the more easily you will be able to adapt to changing demands.

Everyone is telling us these days that due to the changing nature of the workplace we are likely to change careers several times in our life. I felt like a double degree was an excellent way to equip myself with a wider range of skills that will allow me to move between roles in the future. Not to mention that its value for money and a good use of time. Two degrees in four years sounded like a great deal to me!

An internship gave me a taste of what marketing is like in the real world and allowed me to gain some valuable experience for the future.

The internship placement that I did with the Monash Business School was certainly a highlight of my university experience. I met some great people and have gained invaluable professional experience. I'm proud to have been selected for the program and was ecstatic with my academic achievement. I was eager to get real-world experience of the role marketing plays in a large organisation, so this was an incredible opportunity and learning experience for me.

Monash puts you in an environment of growth and prestige.

As a Monash Business School student I really feel a sense of pride and gratitude to be part of such a prestigious organisation. My personal academic growth whilst at the institution has been greater than I had ever expected. I really do believe that Monash provides a great quality of education in an environment of like-minded and friendly individuals.