STARLab's equipment and systems are dedicated to recreating an interactive trading environment. 

The international capability of our systems means that students outside STARLab, including those based overseas, are able to participate in trading sessions. 

We have complemented our STARLab systems by training software used by global banking organisations.

All elements of a real-life trading environment

We have incorporated all elements of a real-life trading environment in STARLab. Our students are introduced to money market operations and trading concepts in a spot market; they develop essential communication techniques for a busy trading environment through our internal telephone system; and our focus on record keeping emphasises its critical importance where large sums of money are involved. 

Our advanced trading simulations cover:

  • equity trading
  • money management
  • business development
  • product commercialisation
  • portfolio management

In this trading environment students can also call on forward-looking instruments, such as options and forward contracts to deal with an uncertain future.

Research applications

The research capability of STARLab systems means that it is possible to gather real data under controlled laboratory conditions (the Lab component of the STARLab). That data, that is now finding its way into the international research community via international finance journals and conferences.