Re-enrolment for coursework students

We email you in September and October advising you to re-enrol in the Web Enrolment System (WES) or to use a faculty course enrolment form (available from your faculty office).

During the re-enrolment period you must re-enrol for the entire following year or apply for intermission. This means that if you plan to take intermission in one semester only, you need to enrol in the other semester.

Re-enrolment dates and timeline

Re-enrolment 14 Oct - 27 Nov 2019
Timetable for the following year opens in Class Timetable 23 Nov 2019
Late re-enrolment - includes a late fee 28 Nov - 13 Dec 2019
Results release 6 Dec 2019
Add or discontinue units see cut-off dates 2019
Mid-year re-enrolment: your faculty will contact you if you are returning from intermission in the second part of the year in May or June 2020

Do not leave re-enrolment until the last day because:

  • you may need to contact your faculty for course advice
  • units may have limited places
  • we will not waive the late re-enrolment fee due to WES access problems.

Steps to re-enrol

  1. Check your course structure in the Handbook for the year you started, and select your units.
  2. Use WES to re-enrol or get an enrolment form from your faculty.
  3. Check WES after results release and change any units marked invalid.
  4. Use Allocate+ to select your class activities (lectures, tutorials, etc).

A transaction number (starting with U), is sent to your Monash email account for each successful re-enrolment action. Keep these as proof of your re-enrolment. If you do not receive a transaction number, you have not enrolled correctly.

Course, unit and timetable information

For course information, see your faculty link below:

It's your responsibility to:

  • choose units that comply with your course requirements (both core and elective)
  • check prerequisite and corequisite units
  • seek faculty course advice before re-enrolling in units
  • re-enrol for both semesters.

International students

You must re-enrol in 24 credit points in both semesters, unless authorised by your managing faculty. We have to notify the Department of Home Affairs (DHA) if you do not meet these student visa requirements.

Debts or penalties

You are not able to re-enrol if you have outstanding debts to the University. We will charge you a late re-enrolment fee if your encumbrance isn't lifted in time. See fee non-payment (encumbrance).

Re-enrolment conditions

When making changes to your enrolment, it's important to ensure you are always enrolled to retain your place at university.

Taking intermission (study leave) during semester one Re-enrol for semester two only
Applying for intermission (study leave) for one semester If approved, re-enrol for the other semester.
If not yet approved, contact your faculty before the re-enrolment closing date
Doing a double degree Re-enrol in both areas of study
Applying for special consideration in second semester Re-enrol: Assume you will pass the unit
Sitting special or deferred exams from second semester Re-enrol: Assume you will pass these units
Enrolled in summer units that are prerequisites Re-enrol: Assume you will pass these units
Applying for a course transfer after results release Re-enrol: Assume you will not be transferred
Granted conditional enrolment from academic progress review Re-enrol: Assume you will meet the Academic Progress Committee conditions
Subject to an academic performance review Re-enrol: Assume you will successfully appeal the decision
Applying for study abroad or exchange Re-enrol as you usually would. If accepted, the faculty will change your enrolment before you go overseas
Current study abroad or exchange students Contact your managing faculty for advice

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