Monash Law International Study Programs - Prato and Malaysia

Gain an international perspective

Would you like to further enhance your law degree? You can enrol in one, or both, of these exciting international study programs offered by the Faculty of Law. Each year, Monash Law students have the opportunity to study at the Monash Prato Centre in Italy and the Monash Malaysia campus in Kuala Lumpur. These programs offer a selection of elective subjects with an international and comparative law focus and are taught by distinguished academics from Australia and around the world.

In a globalised world, lawyers are increasingly expected to be able to solve transnational legal problems and to utilise opportunities beyond their home jurisdictions. By providing a multicultural and international setting for teaching and learning, these programs give you the opportunity to learn from different legal traditions, systems and procedures, allowing you to gain skills and perspectives that will prepare you for your future career.

See here for information on the Monash Law Prato Program.

See here for information on the Monash Law Malaysia Program.

Undergraduate students

Can choose to undertake either international overseas study program after completing one full year or 48 credit points of Law subjects in the following teaching periods:

  • semester 1 (Prato) only
  • semester 2 (Malaysia) only
  • both programs can be attended in semester 1 and 2 consecutively or in two different academic years. Check out the scenario page to see how to incorporate both Malaysia and Prato into your studies.

Postgraduate students

Monash Law international programs are also available to you if you are enrolled in one of these courses and meet the eligibility requirements:

  • Monash JD (Juris Doctor)
  • Monash LLM (Masters)
  • Monash GD (Graduate Diploma)
  • Partner University degrees

See eligibility requirements for Monash Law Malaysia Program

See eligibility requirements for Monash Law Prato Program