Application process - Monash Law International Study Prato Program 2019

Application process for:

Application process - Current Monash Law undergraduate and postgraduate students

Application stepsDue dates for Prato Program
  • Ensure you re-enrol during re-enrolment period (9 October and 24 November) for Semester 1 and Semester 2 2018 so that you do not incur any financial penalties.
By 28 November 2018
By end of Semester 2 2018 (year previous to program)
  • Applications have now closed for the 2019 Program. Applications will not be accepted after the 4 December 2018.
  • Application was by MAP the new Monash Abroad Portal for study abroad program applications.
  • Please note:  All applications will be assessed together after the closing date of 4 December 2018.  They are assessed on the basis of the Law average due to limits on numbers at the Prato Centre, Italy and not first in, first served.
By 4 December 2018
  • Receive email confirmation of your place in the program.
Late December 2018
  • Enrolment into units - details on how to select units and enrol will be emailed late December 2019.
  • Student Services will enrol you into units early January 2019.
  • Pay administration fee.
Early 2019
  • Book flights and accommodation when advised

    Students will be notified by email that they have been enrolled into the units.  Flights and accommodation should NOT be booked before receiving this email from the Law Faculty as the timetable dates and offerings are only provisional and may change.
Early 2019
  • Organise your Prato Student visa (if applicable)
    • After reading the Visa and Consular information please be aware that it is the student's responsibility to book an appointment at the Italian consulate to apply for a visa (if required).  This is not the responsibility of Monash Abroad.
    • Monash Faculty of Law will help facilitate group times at the Melbourne Italian Consulate during February 2019 for student bookings -TBC.
Early 2019 (after receiving email from Law Faculty)

Application process - Partner university students

  • Partner university students must contact the administrative officer from your home university and advise your interest in the Law Program.

  • The administrative officer from your home university will forward your details to Monash Law.

  • You will be enrolled in the Monash University Program Course code 3357 and issued with a Monash University Student ID number.

  • You will liaise with the administrative officer from your home university at all times.

  • You are responsible for ensuring your passport is up to date, booking flights, accommodation, meals, incidentals and arranging appropriate travel insurance and visas.

  • An administration fee is to be paid to the administrative officer from your home university when requested.