Drug Offences & the Death Penalty in Malaysia; Fair Trial Rights & Ramifications

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28 May 2020 at 10:00 pm – 11:30 pm
Online via Zoom
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There are approximately 1280 people currently on death row in Malaysia.

A majority of these people have been convicted of drug-related offences. Many face socio-economic disadvantage, nationality and language barriers.

Harm Reduction International, Monash University and the Anti-Death Penalty Asian Network (ADPAN) have come together to investigate how the Malaysian criminal justice system affords people charged with drug-related capital offences access to justice and fair trial rights, from the stage of arrest through to death row.

You are warmly invited to this global event, launched by the former Chief Justice of Malaysia, to explore the findings of this important report. You will learn about the experiences of those charged with drug-related offending, challenges faced by foreign nationals, and hear a firsthand account of being a trial advocate for death row prisoners.

Global Event Timing

8:00pm MYT / 10:00pm AEST / 1:00pm BST

Order of events

The launch will be hosted by lawyer ChowYing Ngeow, ADPAN.

Report authors Dr. Natalia Antolak-SaperSara KowalDr. Thaatchaayini Kananatu of Monash University and ChowYing Ngeow will summarise their findings.

Former Chief Justice of Malaysia Tan Sri Richard Malanjum will launch the Report.

Professor Carolyn Hoyle, Death Penalty Research Unit, Oxford University will outline the specific challenges foreign nationals on death row encounter followed by lawyer Fahri Azzat who will speak of his experience as a trial advocate for death row prisoners.

Finally Giada Girelli, Human Rights Analyst, Harm Reduction International will address the experiences of those charged with drug related offending in Malaysia.

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