Debt matters

If you are in debt

If you have overdue debts and your creditors have commenced or threatened legal action against you, Monash-Oakleigh Legal Service (MOLS) can provide you with advice and assistance on the range of options available. We can help you:

  • Negotiate settlements or appropriate payment solutions with creditors
  • Prepare to present your case for court if you are being sued
  • With advice on the consequences of various actions available and the range of outcomes creditors could obtain
  • By providing referrals to organisations that can help you better manage your finances.

If a debt is owed to you

If you are owed a debt that has not been paid, MOLS can provide advice on the procedures available to help recover the money. We can help you:

  • Draft a letter of demand
  • Negotiate with your debtor
  • Issue legal proceedings and prepare your case
  • By providing advice on the enforcement procedures available if you obtain a judgment in your favour.