Fines and infringement matters

If you have received a fine or infringement notice, such as for traffic or parking offences, littering or fare evasion on public transport, and you believe that it was issued wrongly or unfairly, or that there are special circumstances that would make it inappropriate to enforce the fine, you may choose to challenge it.

Depending how far the matter has progressed, this could involve:

  • An application to the agency that issued the infringement notice
  • An application to the PERIN court, which deals with unpaid fines
  • An appearance in the Magistrates' Court.

Monash-Oakleigh Legal Service (MOLS) can help you decide on the appropriate action to take to attempt to have your fine revoked and can assist you to prepare appropriate documentation. We can also help you negotiate with the organisation involved and assist you in preparing to present your case in court.

If you have been properly issued with an infringement notice but you are unable to pay it by the due date, MOLS can help you apply for more time to pay, or for permission to pay by installments.