Student appearance program

Students holding law books

This program is unique to Monash Law School Professional Practice students and provides them with the opportunity to represent clients before the Magistrates' Court or the Family Court in Dandenong.

Based on agreed guidelines outlined by Judges and Magistrates, the student's opportunity to represent a client depends on a number of factors:

  • The right client: Only clients who do not have access to qualified representation, other than a Duty Lawyer, may be represented by a student, and then only with the client's consent.
  • The right case: The guidelines below set out the types of cases in which students may appear. They include pleas in mitigation of sentence, adjournment applications and unopposed applications in divorce matters
  • The right student: The Legal Service supervisor reserves the right to decide whether a student is competent to represent the client.

Students who make appearances are supervised by a qualified practitioner (either a member of the legal service staff or a private practitioner) who is present in court throughout the hearing. The supervisor will step in and take over the conduct of the matter if it becomes apparent that the student does not have the capacity to conduct the case competently and the client's interests may be prejudiced.

Guidelines for the Student Appearance Program