Family Law Assistance Program

The Family Law Assistance Program (FLAP) is a self-help clinical legal service designed to assist people involved in Family Law litigation who do not have legal representation. It is administered by Monash University and funded by the Commonwealth Attorney General’s Department.

The program aims to provide information on family law procedure, mediation and other forms of dispute resolution and the impact family breakdown can have on those involved. Documentation is drafted on behalf of clients for litigation.

The program also provides advanced education for Monash Law students, providing a multi-disciplinary approach to clients’ needs.Each client is assisted by at least one student who will help them to form a broad understanding and find, where possible, resolution to their family law problem. All students are supervised by qualified lawyers.

The Family Law Assistance Program aims to provide participants with the knowledge and support they need to undertake their own case before the Court, or with the assistance of a Barrister, if required. Students take clients through the legal process, providing information on required forms, how to lodge an application, and if necessary, how to appear before a registrar or judge, court etiquette and the numerous other procedures required by the Court.

Students also provide clients with knowledge of Family Dispute Resolution (FDR) and other counseling and parenting programs they may be required to undertake throughout the course of their case.

Clients will be able to benefit from:

  • undergoing mediation
  • finding assistance from counseling and FDR centres
  • protecting and preserving the interests of children involved in the relationship breakdown
  • progressing through their case with a good understanding of what is needed and what is to come
  • developing a sense of achievement and satisfaction and a thorough understanding of the required process
  • saving money and moving forward with their lives.

Please note: appointments are essential. There is usually a waiting period because of the service this program provides.

Monday: Closed*
Tuesday: 1–5pm
Wednesday: 1–5pm
Thursday: 9.15am–1pm
Friday: 9.15am–1pm

* FLAP runs a drop-in service at the Dandenong Family/Federal Magistrates Court every Monday from approximately 8.30am onwards. No appointments necessary.

Family Law Assistance Program
Located at the Monash Law Clinics - Clayton
60 Beddoe Avenue
Clayton VIC 3168

Phone: + 61 3 9905 4336
Fax: + 61 3 9905 1113