Forthcoming issue

Volume 44(3) 2018

The Evolution of the Profit à Prendre and Its Importance in Australia
Fiona Burns

The Locus of Defamation Law since the Constitution of Oxford
Chris Dent

Can Charters of Rights Limit Penal Populism?: The Case of Preventive Detention
Andrew Dyer

Regulating the Non-Consensual Sharing of Intimate Images ('Revenge Pornography') via a Civil Penalty Regime: A Sex Equality Analysis
Michelle Evans

Kilmore-East Kinglake Bushfire Class Action Settlement Distribution Scheme: Fairness, Cost and Delay Post-Settlement
Michael Legg

Mandatory Practices and the Transformation of Due Process
Amy Elton, John Anderson, Jim Jose and Amy Maguire

Melbourne Linh Son Buddhist Society Inc v Gippsreal Ltd [2017] VSCA 161: The Penalties Doctrine and the Loan Establishment Fee Conundrum
Nicholas A Tiverios

Nice or Nasty?: Reasons to Abolish Character as a Consideration in Australian Sentencing Hearings and Professionals' Disciplinary Proceedings
Gabrielle Wolf and Mirko Bagaric