Joining the Review

The Review strongly encourages law students at Monash University to contribute to the publication of our journal. Student editors and committee members of the Monash University Law Review have the opportunity to develop editing and legal writing skills, improve research and reviewing capabilities and gain invaluable experience working on a well-recognised academic publication. Many leading members of the legal profession and academia are past members of the Review's editorial team.

There are two paths to joining our editorial team:

  • By Application After Invitation: students with the highest marks in law subjects will be extended an invitation from faculty to apply to join the editorial team.
  • By General Application: all students may apply to the Review by emailing relevant documentation to

Selected applicants will be required to complete an editing exercise developed by editors and academic advisors. Applications may be submitted at any time of the year, although the Review accepts new committee members on an annual basis. It is recommended that applications should be submitted following advertisement by the Faculty of Law, the Law Students’ Society and other potential channels. Applications usually open in January for positions commencing in that academic year.

Please submit a cover letter of no more than one page detailing relevant experience and the reasons why you would like to join the editorial committee, together with a copy of your curriculum vitae and an unofficial copy of your academic transcript.