Volume 42 (2016)


Volume 42 (1)


Of Lions and Squeaking Mice in Anxious Times

H P Lee


Orientations and ‘Deviations’: Sexuality in Anti-Discrimination Law

Theodore Bennett

The Whistleblower Protection Act (Japan) 2004: A Critical and Comparative Analysis of Corporate Malfeasance in Japan

Peter Coney and Christopher Coney

The Reconciliation of Freedom of Religion with Anti-Discrimination Rights

Anthony Gray

Views from Inside: A Comparison of Admission Process in New South Wales and Victoria Before and After the Uniform Law

Linda Haller and Francesca Bartlett

Did Defensive Homicide in Victoria Provide a Safety Net for Battered Women Who Kill? A Case Study Analysis

Charlotte King, Lorana Bartels, Patricia Easteal and Anthony Hopkins

Failure of Consideration as a Basis for Quantum Meruit Following a Repudiatory Breach of Contract

Karan Raghavan

A History of Section 127 of the Commonwealth Constitution

Greg Taylor

Volume 42(2) 2016


Contextualising Lawyer Overcharging
G E Dal Pont

Not for Export: The Failure of Australia’s Extraterritorial Processing Regime in Papua New Guinea and the Decision of the PNG Supreme Court in Namah (2016)
Azadeh Dastyari and Maria O'Sullivan

‘We Need to Talk about Your Assignment’: The Requirements of Procedural Fairness when Academic Misconduct Is First Suspected
Michelle Evans and Pnina Levine

Coherence in the Age of Statutes
Ross Grantham and Darryn Jensen

Australian Constitutionalism between Subsidiarity and Federalism
Benjamen Franklen Gussen

Self-Regulation of Food Advertising to Children: An Effective Tool for Improving the Food Marketing Environment?
Belinda Reeve

The Next Steps Forward for Protecting Australia’s Wine Regions
Vicki Waye and Stephen Stern

Case Note

A Nail-Biting Finish to a (Civil) Penalty Shootout: Commonwealth v Director, Fair Work Building Industry Inspectorate; CFMEU v Director, Fair Work Building Industry Inspectorate
Timothy Gorton

Book Review

Yee-Fui Ng, Ministerial Advisers in Australia: The Modern Legal Context (Federation Press, 2016)
Gonzalo Villalta Puig

Volume 42(3) 2016


The People and the Constitution
The Hon Justice Patrick Keane AC


The Australian Constitution's Religious Tests Clause as an Anti-Discrimination Provision
Luke Beck

The Impact of Psychological Priming in the Context of Commecial Law Mediation
Amanda Carruthers

Section 32(1) of the Charter: Confining Statutory Discretions Compatibly with Charter Rights?
Bruce Chen

Outsourcing Obligations to Developing Nations: Australia’s Refugee Resettlement Agreement with Cambodia
Monique Failla

The Status of Sanctuary in Australian Law
Anthony Gray

Allocating Risk and Liability for Defective 3D Printed Products: Product Safety, Negligence or Something New?
Jane Nielsen and Lynden Griggs

To Arrest or Not to Arrest the Incumbent Head of State: The Bashir Case and the Interplay between Law and Politics
Jadranka Petrovic, Dale Stephens and Vasko Nastevski

Book Review

Book Review: It's Our Country
Katie O'Bryan