Regulatory Studies

The Regulatory Studies Group works on a broad range of issues concerning regulatory theory, practice, compliance and enforcement across a wide range of substantive policy areas, including competition and consumer law enforcement, utility regulation, private-public partnerships, food production and labelling, legal profession and business ethics, ethical assessment, animal welfare, environment, human rights, corporate social responsibility, financial services, sport, occupational health and safety, workers' compensation, federalism and harmonisation.

Members have a combined wealth of experience supervising innovation-related research degrees to completion and are recognised nationally and internationally in their fields, with members regularly informing public debate and influencing courts, national and international policymakers at the highest levels.

Many are recipients of research grants and other funding and are presently engaged in innovative interdisciplinary research in the fields of organic food regulation, corruption minimisation.

Members also run seminars, workshops and short courses, and provide research and consultancy services for public and private sector organisations.

Deputy Director

Professor Graeme Hodge


Dr Colin Campbell

Ms Rowena Cantley-Smith

Professor Adrian Evans

Adjunct Prof Ray Finkelstein

Emeritus Professor Arie Freiberg

Dr Genevieve Grant

Dr Weiping He

Dr Lisa Spagnolo

Dr Emmanuel Laryea

Associate Professor David Lindsay

Dr Karinne Ludlow

Adjunct Professor Rowan Russell

Dr Eric Windholz