Biography - Dr Fiona Hum

Fiona Hum

Dr Fiona Hum was admitted as a solicitor and barrister of the Supreme Court of Victoria in 1991. She has worked in the area of commercial litigation, criminal law and personal injury law. Dr Hum’s doctoral thesis in 1997 was “Legislating Our Right to Die” from Melbourne University.

Fiona has been a lecturer and tutor at Monash University since 2003. She is currently the Chief Examiner of the law units Legal Issues in Medicine and Evidence Law and provides a number of specialist lectures for the School of Psychological Sciences in the Honours program.

Her researching and writing include feminist legal and gender studies, feminist perspectives on evidentiary rules and medical and bioethical issues. Fiona has had the fortunate experience of researching and writing with Jennifer Faulkner, the Chief Executive Officer of Medical-Legal Network for Children, and was the co-author of the article “Medico-Legal Partnerships: Helping Australian Children in Need” (2009) 17 Journal of Law and Medicine 105.

Fiona was invited to be contributing author to Patricia Easteal (Australian of the Year 2010) “Women and the Law in Australia”, Lexis Nexis 2010 which was launched by the then Governor General, Quentin Bryce. Two significant chapters Fiona authored concerned: “Women Complainants and the Evidential Process” and “Medical and Tort Injuries Against Pregnant Women”. She was also a keynote speaker at a Women’s Lawyers Conference on “Justice for All” on how we can use alternative models of teaching in traditional legal education. In 2010, Fiona was the winner of the Sessional Faculty Teaching Award. Since then, she has received a number of awards for her excellent teaching.

Dr Hum has completed an Evidence Law textbook to be published by Cambridge University in 2018.