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Juries: why do we actually need them and can they get it 'wrong'?

There's been some debate over the recent conviction of George Pell, whose first trial ended with a hung jury, and the second a unanimous guilty verdict.

COVID-19 and Prisoners: The Australian Experience of Early Release

As restrictions enacted to combat COVID-19 begin easing across Australia, the issue of managing potential outbreaks within prisons continues to remain a challenge for state governments.

Drug trafficking, the death penalty and the vulnerable defendant

You’ve probably never heard of Huang Ziling. The young, poor and unmarried Chinese woman from the Guangxi province worked as a waitress in Guangzhou up until January 2014.

COVID-19: A catalyst for rethinking how we punish offenders?

Much of the focus surrounding COVID-19 and its impact has been on imposing restrictions and denying individual liberties. We may need to give back liberties to some members of our society, writes Dr Natalia Antolak-Saper.