Law HDR Peer-Writing Group

Effective communication is essential to research, and refining written communication skills is an essential part of a researcher's professional development. Likewise, the ability to engage in peer review is recognised as an important skill for academics and other professionals. This course of 6 fortnightly seminars brings these two areas together, with an opportunity for participants to develop their skills in critical appraisal and written communication through a process of peer review. They will learn to:

* give and receive feedback in a professional and collegial manner
* develop awareness of writing for readers, and
* identify strengths and areas for improvement in their own writing

All sessions in 2020 will be via Zoom. HDR candidates who have previously joined the group are welcome to attend again, but must sign up again using the form below.

Please sign up for the writing group here.

Sessions - Semester 2 of 2020

Time: 10.00 a.m. to 12.00 p.m.

Location:   Zoom (link will be emailed to those enrolled)

Dates: Thu 6 August, Thu 20 August, Thu 3 September, Thu 17 September, Thu 8 October, Thu 22 October.

Coordinator of the Law HDR Peer-Writing Group

Dr Katherine Brabon
Learning Skills Adviser