HDR Students' Publication Prize winners

2003-2006, 2007-2010, 2011-2014, 2015-2018



Chen, B, ‘The French court and the principle of legality' (2018) 41(2) The University of New South Wales Law Journal 401-448

Honorable Mention:

O'Brien Butler, S, ‘Policing the police: Independent investigations for Victoria' (2018) 41(3) University of New South Wales Law Journal 702-745

Sabhapandit, S, ‘Article 12 and Judicial Review of Administrative Action: An Analysis' (2018) 2(1) Indian Law Review 5-25



Bracka, J, 'From Banning Nakba to Bridging Narratives: The Collective Memory of 1948 and Transitional Justice for Israelis and Palestinians ' in U  Belavausau and A Gliszczynska-Grabias (eds), Law and Memory : Towards Legal Governance of History (Cambridge University Press, 2017) 348-373

Honorable Mention:

Sharmin, T, ‘Should the MFN within Investment Treaties Exclude Dispute Resolution? An Evaluation of the Australian Approach' (2017) 35 Australian Yearbook of International Law 123-156

Tan, D, ‘Precedent, Rules and the Standard Picture' (2016) 41 Australian Journal of Legal Philosophy 81-115   (copyright year 2017)



Etezazian, S, ‘The Nature of the Self-Defence Proportionality Requirement' (2016) 3(2) Journal on the Use of Force and International Law 260-289

Honorable Mention:

Capuano, A, ‘Giving Meaning to 'Social Origin' in International Labour Organization ('ILO') Conventions, the Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth) and the Australian Human Rights Commission Act 1986 (Cth): 'Class' Discrimination and Its Relevance to the Australian Context' (2016) 39(1) UNSW Law Journal 84-128

Chen, B, ‘Section 32(1) of the Charter: Confining Statutory Discretions Compatibly with Charter Rights' (2016) 42(3) Monash University Law Review 608-637



Villaroman, N, Treading on Sacred Grounds: Places of Worship, Local Planning and Religious Freedom in Australia (Brill Nijhoff, The Netherlands, 2015)

Honorable Mention:

Morris, S, ‘The argument for a constitutional procedure for Parliament to consult with Indigenous peoples when making laws for Indigenous Affairs' (2015) 26(3) Public Law Review 166-192

Timoshanko, A, ‘Limitations of the market-based approach to the regulation of farm animal welfare' (2015) 38(2) The University of New South Wales Law Journal 514-543

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Langford, R, Directors' Duties Principles and Application (Federation Press, Sydney, NSW Australia, 2014)


Boughey, J . 'Administrative law: the next frontier for comparative law' (2013) 62(1) International and Comparative Law Quarterly 55-95


Winner: Windholz, E. 'The multiple domains of harmonisation: politics, policy, process and program' (2012) 71(3) Australian Journal of Public Administration 325-342

Honorable Mention: Villaroman, N. 'The right to establish and maintain places of worship: The developments of its normative content under international human rights law' in  S. Ferrari and S. Pastorelli (eds) Religion in Public Spaces (Ashgate, UK 2012) 295-321


Winner: Villaroman, N, 'Rescuing a troubled concept: An alternative view of the right to development' (2011) 29(1) Netherlands Quarterly of Human Rights 13-53

Honorable mention:

Langford, R, 'The duty of Directors to act bona fide in the interests of the company: A positive fiduciary duty? Australia and the UK compared' (2011) 11(1) Journal of Corporate Law Studies 215-242

Windholz, E, 'The evolution of Australia's harmonised OHS laws: Questions for today and tomorrow' (2011) 39(6) Australian Business Law Review 434-450

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Winner: Sifris, R, 'Conceptualising involuntary sterilisation as 'severe pain or suffering' for the purposes of torture discourse' (2010) 28(4) Netherlands Quarterly of Human Rights 523-547

Honorable Mention:

Kampf, A, 'Involuntary treatment decisions: using negotiated silence to facilitate change' in McSherry, B and Weller, P (eds), Rethinking Rights-Based Mental Health Laws (Hart Publishing, 2010) 129-150

Windholz, E, 'Evaluating the hormonisation of Australia's OHS Laws: Challenges and opportunities' (2010) 32(2) The Asia Pacific Journal of Public Administration 137-162


Smith, S. Maverick Litigants: A History of Vexatious Litigants in Australia 1930-2008. Maverick Publications, Elwood, Vic, Australia. (2009)


Winner: Moisidis, C. Criminal Discovery: From Truth to Proof and Back Again.  Institute of Criminology Press, Sydney. (2008)

Runner-Up: Ounapuu, A. 'Abolition or Reform: The Future for Directness as a Requirement of Trespass in Australia' (2008) 34(1) Monash University Law Review 103-115.


Winner: Kyriakakis, J. (2007). Australian Prosecution of Corporations for International Crimes: The Potential of the Commonwealth Criminal Code. Journal of International Criminal Justice 5(4), 809-826.

Runner Up: Sauer, A. (2007). Protecting the Copyright Balance in Cyberspace. Media and Arts Law Review 12(2), 239-250

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Winner:  Simon Smith for his article which was co-authored with Grant Lester who is a psychiatrist.

Lester, G and Smith, S. 'Inventor, Entrepreneur, Rascal, Crank or Querulent? Australia's Vexatious Litigant Sanction 75 Years On' (2006) 13(1) Psychiatry, Psychology and Law1-27.


Winner: Bracka, J. 'Past the Point of No Return? The Palestinian Right of Return in International Human Rights Law' (2005) 6(2) Melbourne Journal of International Law 272-312.

Runner Up: Danne, A. 'Customary and Indigenous Law in Transitional Post-Conflict States: A South Sudanese Case Study' (2005) 30(2/2004) Monash University Law Review 199-228.


Winner: Kimm, J. A Fatal Conjunction: Two Laws Two Cultures. The Federation Press, Sydney, Australia. (2004).

Runner Up: Rothschild, A. 'Gardner; Re BWV: resolved and unresolved issues at end of life'. (2004) 11(3) Journal of Law and Medicine 292-311.


Yannoulidis, S. T. 'Mental illness, rationality and criminal responsibility'. (2003) 25(2) The Sydney Law Review 189-221.

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