Graduate Research Office Leadership Team

The Monash Graduate Research Office is responsible for the leadership, strategic oversight, and management of all graduate research matters. In partnership with faculties and central units, we support students at every stage of their higher degree research life-cycle.

Vice-Provost (Faculty and Graduate Affairs)

Prof Matthew Gillespie

Professor Matthew Gillespie AM

As Vice-Provost (Faculty and Graduate Affairs), Professor Matthew Gillespie AM provides strategic leadership to support the continuing improvement of Monash's academic reputation to meet its education and research goals.

Professor Gillespie is trained in microbiology and immunology, and is known for his works as a bone cell biologist and cancer researcher. He was Director of Prince Henry’s Institute 2008-2013, and was an Associate Director of Melbourne’s St Vincent’s Institute of Medical Research.

An active member of the Australian and global scientific communities, Professor Gillespie has held editorial roles on the boards of Arthritis and Rheumatism, Bone, Endocrinology, and the Journal of Bone and Mineral Research. He has also served on a number of research committees including the Cancer Council Victoria, NHMRC Research Committee (2006-2012) and NHMRC Audit Committee (2006-2019). He was president of the Australian Society for Medical Research (1999-2000) facilitating additional funding for the NHMRC, and also served for the Australian and New Zealand Bone and Mineral Society being President during 2011-2013. During his term on NHMRC Research Committee he held the portfolio of Project Grants and has served as a Panel Chair on GRPs since 2006 as well as on ad hoc international special initiatives of NHMRC.

Academic Director, Graduate Research

Prof Sharon Ricardo

Professor Sharon Ricardo

As Academic Director, Graduate Research, Professor Sharon Ricardo works alongside the Vice-Provost (Faculty and Graduate Affairs) to make decisions and provide guidance on a range of complex academic matters related to graduate research.

Professor Ricardo obtained her Ph.D. from the University of Melbourne in 1994. She was awarded a US National Kidney Foundation Fellowship to conduct postdoctoral studies at the Pennsylvania State University College of Medicine where she was appointed an Assistant Professor in 1996. In 2000 she returned  to Australia as an NHMRC Howard Florey Fellow and commenced studies at Monash University. Sharon was named the Kidney Health Australia Bootle Scholar (2003-2007). She has previously held a US National Kidney Foundation Fellowship (1994-1996); an American Heart Association Initiator Investigator Fellowship;  and received the Judy S. Finkelstein Award from Pennsylvania State University College of Medicine; and the Marion Merrell Dow Excellence in Renal Research Award from the American Physiological Society.

Director, Graduate Research Office

Michelle Lopez

Ms Michelle Lopez

The Director, Monash Graduate Research Office is responsible for the leadership of all aspects of the University’s centralised graduate research administration services along with strategic oversight and leadership of University-wide graduate research matters including strategic planning and regulatory compliance, student and supervisor development and quality expectations and programs including the Monash Doctoral Program and Graduate Research Industry Partnerships (GRIPs). Michelle and her team provide administrative leadership, expert advice, oversight and insight of the higher education regulatory environment and develop and implement strategies, systems and policies that maximise the benefits of investment in graduate research and work closely with faculties to enable excellence in graduate research at Monash.