Thesis including Published Works : Faculty of Education Guidelines

These guidelines should be read in conjunction with the Guidelines for a Thesis including Published Works available at:

Publication Status

For the purpose of submitting a thesis including published works, the relevant publication/s must be with a reputable, commercial academic publisher and be either:

  1. a manuscript or work accepted for publication.
  2. a journal article, book chapter or monograph that has been published.

Number and quality of publications

  • A minimum of one publication. This publication may be sole authored by the student, or have the student as the lead author.
  • Papers accepted for review can be included in the thesis, but are not considered a publication for the purposes of meeting the requirements of a thesis including published works.

Students are encouraged to consult the list of high quality journals provided by the Faculty of Education, or select journals which would meet the criteria for inclusion on that list (a Scopus SNIP of above 1, or Web of Science Quartiles 1-3). For more information see