3.4 Attendance and residency

3.4 Attendance and residency for part-time and full-time enrolment

Attendance  and residency requirements have a dual purpose in enabling both regular and  sustained periods of time to be available for research and any coursework  and/or skills training requirements, and continuous interaction between the  student and the community of scholars at Monash University.

The conditions set out below are the University's minimum requirements.  Faculties, however, may impose more rigorous requirements as they deem  appropriate.

The Monash Graduate Research Office (MGRO) will not approve backdated variation requests.

3.4.1 Level of enrolment: part-time or full-time

The student’s academic unit and the Graduate Research Committee  will need to be satisfied that any prospective student will have sufficient  time available during the week to devote to study and research and to attend  appropriate academic activities including any requirements specified in the program in  which the student is enrolled.

The duration of the academic year for doctoral students is 48 weeks with 4  weeks’ annual leave (pro rata).

All doctoral students, with the exception of those stipulated below, may  enrol on a full-time or a part-time basis.

DPsych students must commence enrolment on a full-time basis, but may  transfer to part-time enrolment after 24 months of full-time enrolment.

Normally international students on Australian student visas must enrol on a full-time  basis.

MPsych/PhD and EdD students who enrol externally may only enrol on a  part-time basis. Full-time enrolment

Full-time enrolment requires the student to devote at least 4 days each week between Monday to Friday inclusive and during normal business hours on each of those days, to the pursuit of their study program. These days need to take into consideration attendance required at any  coursework or training at different stages of enrolment. Part-time enrolment

In  order to undertake part-time enrolment, a student must be able to devote at least 2 days each week to their study program, where at  least one of these days is between Monday and Friday inclusive, and during  normal business hours on each of those days, so that a student may  attend the University to meet with the supervisors or attend seminars,  workshops or other academic activities including coursework or training at  different stages of enrolment.

3.4.2 Regular attendance

Throughout enrolment, all students must regularly attend their academic unit and participate fully in the intellectual and research activities of the unit. All students are required to:

  • discuss progress of  research and completion of any program requirements  with their  supervisors. For full-time students this should occur every two weeks and for  part-time students at least once every calendar month. This contact may occur using various forms of interactive communication, such as telephone, video  conferencing, email or Skype;
  • hold a minimum of two 'in person' meetings with the supervisors each year; and
  • attend all courses, seminars, workshops and activities as agreed with the supervisors and/or  program director and as per any program requirements.

Refer to the relevant current Monash  University (Academic Board) Regulations.

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