Appendix F: Joint awards

A joint  award program involves one program of study that uses the resources of two  universities, who jointly award a single degree.

A  ‘joint award program’ is a generic term, the details of which may vary,  according to the particular arrangements negotiated between the participating  institutions. Other terms include a ‘cotutelle’, a unique class of joint PhD  program, defined under French law.

A joint  PhD normally includes provisions that meet the regulations of all the  participating universities.

How does a joint PhD differ from a normal PhD?

Your  research project is likely to use resources of both universities, and you will  have at least one supervisor at each institution.

You are  required to spend at least one year, or 30 per cent of your candidature, at  each university. Most students travel to the external partner university  after Monash confirms them. Note that a partner university in the northern  hemisphere is likely to require you to participate in an oral examination as  well as your normal written thesis examination.

Research  skills training and research coursework arrangements for students enrolled in  joint PhDs will be negotiated under the terms of individual agreements.

When  you fulfil the requirements of both universities Monash awards you a testamur  which recognises that your research was conducted jointly with the partner  university.


Most students who enrol in joint awards receive Australian  Government or Monash stipend scholarships.
You can  also apply for assistance with the costs of travel to the partner university  through a travel grant application – and your supervisors may have project  funds to contribute.

You  must be able to demonstrate that you have sufficient funds for the period of  your study overseas prior to departure. International students are also  eligible to participate in joint awards.

How to apply for a joint PhD

You can  apply for an existing international joint doctoral award prior to enrolling at  Monash. If you’re a current student enrolled in a Monash PhD, you can enquire  about the possibility of transferring into a joint award after consulting with  your supervisors.

Applications  are only accepted for established programs and must be endorsed by your  prospective or current supervisor.

Established joint programs

Cotutelle agreements with partner institutions  in France:

Universite de Provence (Marseille)
Institut National des Sciences Appliquees de Lyon (INSA)
Ecole Centrale de Lille
Universite Toulouse III
Universite Paris-Sud11

Joint award agreements with partner  institutions:

Luleå  University of Technology
Shanghai Jiao Tong University China
Fudan University China
University de Bologna, Italy
Goethe University, Frankfurt, Germany

What about study away?

Where a  suitable joint PhD arrangement does not already exist, you may take advantage  of other opportunities to conduct part of your research at another university,  or perhaps more than one.

You can pursue up to 12 months study away from Monash at other  universities as part of your degree as long as you have permission from your  supervisor and the Graduate Research Committee. Please see Section 4.3 of the Handbook for Doctoral Degrees for  more information.


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