How to accept

Congratulations on receiving an offer to commence a research degree at Monash University.

We recommend that you familiarise yourself with the content of your offer and accept as soon as possible. Please ensure you pay particular attention to your commencement date and any conditions specified in your offer.

Accept here

If you are unable to start by the date indicated in your offer, you may apply to change your commencement date. Please be mindful of your faculty’s preferred commencement dates and make sure you lodge a request before your start date.

Note: To access the change of commencement date option, you must select ‘accept’.

Additional information for international students

When accepting your offer, you will need to upload:

  1. your completed and signed International Student Course Agreement (ISCA);
  2. all the relevant documents as specified in Part B; and
  3. if not covered by a scholarship, proof of your payment for your course fee deposit and OSHC.

Further information, including methods of payment, can be found in your offer letter.

Please note a Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) is a requirement for your visa application. You will receive your CoE within 10 working days of your acceptance being processed. Upon receipt, we recommend you lodge your visa application immediately.