Other research degrees

Our research students undertake graduate research to forge a better career, indulge their passion and even change the world.

At Monash, you get all the support and supervision you need to develop your research skills and build your career after completing your degree.

Our internationally recognised accreditation program ensures your supervisors – and we insist our PhD candidates have at least two – understand best practice and can mentor you throughout your entire degree.

The Monash Doctoral Program provides professional development modules and/or coursework units that enhance your research experience and prepare you to make an impact beyond your degree.

You can choose from a number of programs, including the Master of Philosophy (MPhil) and a range of research master's programs. We also offer professional doctorates geared toward advancing professional practice.

And we help you make the most of your research potential by offering flexible options, such as part-time and external, off-campus study.

At Monash, we nurture our researchers and their research.

Research degrees across Monash faculties

Research degrees are offered by all faculties at Monash. Click on the links below for faculty-specific information on research degrees.