JLU-Monash joint PhD

Monash University and Justus Liebig University, Giessen, Germany (JLU) are currently offering a Joint PhD award, focusing principally on research into men’s reproductive health.

Monash-based candidates in this Joint Award are required to spend to spend at least one year at JLU in Germany and candidates who are based in Giessen are required to spend at least one year at Monash University in Australia.


The opportunity is currently organised into 11 projects focusing on men’s reproductive health. Each is managed by a team of both Monash and JLU researchers and each includes up to 2 PhD students.

Project availability varies depending on the number of students that have been recruited to each project, and whether the current students are close to completion.

These projects offer students the opportunity to participate in world-leading research into men’s reproductive health and some additionally offer an opportunity to undergo training in bioinformatics, equipping students with tools needed to analyse large datasets relevant to their project.

Project reference 

Project title


Supervisors – Monash


Sperm morphology and motility in mice and men: Investigations of defective male germ cell differentiation.

D. Fietz and
M. Bergmann

M. O’Bryan,
M. Baker


Human testis cancer and spermatogenesis control by immune cells.

M. Bergmann,
H.-Chr. Schuppe and
F. Wagenlehner

K. Loveland,
M. Hedger,
R. Hobbs, B.E. Loveland


Formation of the testicular immunological barrier through immune modulation by somatic cells.

L. Konrad and
G. Scheiner-Bobis

K. Loveland,
P.G. Stanton,
B. Loveland and
M. Baker  


Proteomics in seminal plasma and testicular interstitial fluid as predictor of successful sperm retrieval in infertile azoospermic men.

T. Diemer,
D. Fietz and
A. Pilatz

P.G. Stanton,
L. O’Donnell and
R.I. McLachlan


Systemic and local inflammatory gene regulation and redox-signalling in chronic prostatitis – studies in patients’ blood and ejaculates towards individualized disease profiling.

F. Wagenlehner and U. Schagdarsurengin

S. Ellem
and G. Risbridger


Hormonal regulation of cGMP pathways and spontaneous contractility in the prostate.

R. Middendorff

G. Risbridger,
S. Ellem and
B. Exintaris


The role of activins and MCP-1/CCL2 in the development of CD4+CD8+ T cells and fibrotic responses during chronic testicular inflammation in mice.

M. Fijak and
S. Bhushan

M. Hedger and
K. Loveland


Targeting the TGFβ superfamily to prevent fibrosis of the epididymis and preserve fertility following bacterial infection.

A. Meinhardt and R. Middendorff

M. Hedger and
K. Loveland


Regulation of immune responses in the normal and infected testis: role of Sertoli cell-derived activins.

A. Meinhardt and S. Bhushan

M. Hedger and
K. Loveland


Impacts of epigenetic interactions between TET1 and PRC2 in spermatogenesis and fertility.

U. Schagdarsurengin and K. Steger

P. Western


Role of oxytocin in the contractility of the male reproductive tract: implications for the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia.

R. Middendorff,
T. Linn and
F. Wagenlehner

B. Exintaris,
S. Ellem, G. Risbridger and
M. Whittaker

Interested applicants should contact contact med-irtg@monash.edu or Ms Rose Kiarie (03 8572 2395) for more information.

For more information on the IRTG program, please visit this site.


The selection and recommendation of admission for Monash-based applicants will follow standard Monash application procedures – see this page for more details on how to apply and for information on the required entry criteria.

Doctor of Philosophy (Joint PhD with Justus Liebig University Giessen) - course CRICOS codes 079666E and 079667D
Monash University CRICOS provider code - 00008C