Conflict of interest

A range of circumstances could result in a conflict of interest and potentially restrict your objectivity as an examiner. In such cases, you become ineligible for nomination as an examiner.

These may include:

  • involvement in the student's research, including supervision of the candidate in field or laboratory work or elsewhere during candidature
  • previous work in the same department within an institution as the candidate
  • a previous appointment as an academic staff member at Monash University, including an adjunct academic appointment, during the student’s period of candidature
  • holding the position of emeritus or adjunct professor at Monash
  • substantial contact with the candidate in any other circumstance which might jeopardise the independence of the examination, or
  • being a close associate (spouse/partner, other relative, friend or business partner) of either the candidate or the supervisor of the candidate.

For a full list, please see our guidelines on conflict of interest in the Graduate Research Handbook.