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Managing online forums in the age of misinformation

Researchers from the Monash University Malaysia campus are developing a platform to moderate and verify content shared to popular online forums and discussion boards.

Engineering & technology
Monash University news

Monash engineers improve fatigue life of high strength aluminium alloys by 25 times

A world-first study by Monash engineers has demonstrated improvements in the fatigue life of high strength aluminium alloys by 25 times.

Engineering & technology

Monash research underpins new road safety laws to protect cyclists

Monash University research commissioned by the Amy Gillett Foundation has contributed to the Victorian Government’s introduction of a new road rule today, requiring motorists to allow at least a one-metre gap when passing a cyclist.

Engineering & technology

Lab grown tumour model could improve ovarian cancer treatments

A global research team has created a 3D tumour model that could lead to an improved understanding and treatment of ovarian cancer.

Engineering & technology

Unearthing a gold standard for rehabilitating 80,000 mines in Australia

Monash University engineers have uncovered more than 80,000 unused mines across Australia that have the potential to be transformed for future use.

Engineering & technology

Opening eyes to a frontier in vision restoration

A world-first device to restore vision to the blind, developed by Monash University researchers, is being prepared for clinical trials in Melbourne.

Engineering & technology

Aussies supportive, but sketchy, about role of AI in society

Australians are supportive of AI in society, but many people have concerns about its impact on future jobs and information privacy.

Engineering & technology

New tech extracts potential to identify quality graphene cheaper and faster

Monash engineers have created world-first technology to help industry identify high quality graphene cheaper, faster and more accurately than current methods.

Engineering & technology

Monash tops the field with over $13 million for future fellowships

Monash University researchers have been awarded over $13 million in Future Fellowships which will be used to drive innovation and facilitate industry collaboration to meet important commercial challenges.

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