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Say what now? Speaking young adults' language when it comes to health

Young adults talk about food as good and bad, but health professionals should move away from the focus on shame, guilt and fear around food and nutrition.


Young women are hit doubly hard by recessions – especially this one

The mental health of young women is far more sensitive to unemployment than the mental health of young men.

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Systemic racism, violence, and the over-policing of minority groups in Victoria

Until we tackle the perception that some minority groups are a threat to society, they'll continue to be subjected to intensive over-policing, leading to a fear of those serving to protect.

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Metabolic syndrome: Solace and solution through peer-support lifestyle intervention

We take great comfort from shared experiences with others. When you're unwell, it can also lead to better health outcomes..

Monash University news

More than $1.3 million awarded for new COVID-19 research at Monash

Five Monash University projects investigating treatments for COVID-19, including a potential inhaled treatment, have been awarded funding by the MRFF.


Getting the most out of your telehealth consultations during COVID-19

COVID-19 has meant conducting business online or over the phone has become the norm, and health consultations are no exception.


Can new opioid restrictions stop leftover medicines causing harm?

New rules aim to curb opioid-related deaths in Australia. These changes are a step in the right direction, but we need to tread carefully to avoid unintended consequences.


Harder, better, faster, stronger: Agile nations the most effective in combating COVID-19

It's the 'agile nations' that have led the way in combating the COVID-19 crisis.


COVID-19: Understanding habits and compulsions

Pandemic-induced stress can result in the return of unhealthy behaviours, but there are ways to minimise the effects.