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COVID-19 fight: Australian research offers hope as world struggles with ventilator shortage

A world-first breakthrough by Australian researchers in ventilator splitting could help hospitals under severe stress as the number of critical COVID-19 cases continues to rise.

Engineering & technology

Second wind: New technology to help diagnose and manage respiratory diseases

Monash University researchers have developed radical non-invasive X-ray technology to help diagnose, treat and manage respiratory diseases.

Engineering & technology
Monash University news

New national taskforce releases report to tackle gender disparity in engineering

A new independent taskforce has launched a report outlining steps to change the perceptions of engineering in society and improve gender diversity in the sector.

Engineering & technology

Saving lives faster: Monash develops world-first laser incubator for blood

Monash University researchers have developed the world's first blood incubator using laser technology.

Engineering & technology
Monash University news

Monash academics awarded Australian Research Council Laureate Fellowships

Two Monash University researchers have been awarded Australian Research Council (ARC) 2019 Australian Laureate Fellowships.

University news

ACL injury 'epidemic': research reveals repetition's role in breakdown

New research shows that, rather than single-force events, most ACL injuries are the result of continued-use damage that hasn’t repaired quickly enough.


Fearless Girl should provide the spark to inspire more female engineers

The message of empowerment and equality needs to be widely embraced in the engineering profession.


Experts available over the Festive season

Monash University has several experts available for comment on a range of topics relating to the festive season, politics and security; bushfires road safety, gambling and more.

University news
Monash University news

Australian laureate fellowships for two Monash researchers

The Australian Research Council (ARC) has today awarded highly prestigious Australian Laureate Fellowships to two Monash University researchers.