Roles and positions

The Safety And Risk Analysis Hub (S.A.R.A.H.)  helps Managers and Supervisors assign and keep track of their safety team. Managers and Supervisors can access their Health and Safety team using the Roles and Positions tile.

Who can create a health and safety team?

Health and safety roles are defined by the University's Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHSMS) in section 3 of the OHS Roles, Responsibilities and Committees Procedure.

Performance managers/supervisors must:

  • Only assign health and safety roles to staff under their direct management;
  • Provide suitable authority to the role holder.

How to assign health and safety roles to your team

Safety teams can be created using the SARAH web portal. This link is also available through the portal. Users simply drag the name of the staff member they wish to assign a health and safety role onto the corresponding role tile.

You can assign multiple roles to a person and multiple people to a role.

How do I remove roles?

Roles can be moved by clicking on the three horizontal lines symbol and clicking the “Remove person from role” button.

Are there any roles I have to appoint?

Appointment of Safety related roles is described by the OHS Roles, Responsibilities and Committees Procedure. In particular this procedure requires that all areas within the University are covered by at least 1 Safety Officer and First Aid Coordinator. In addition, all Monash University occupied and controlled buildings must establish an ECO including the appointment of a Building Warden.

Do any of these roles require training?

Most health and safety related roles require training, please review the OHS Training Requirements Matrix for information on specific courses.

Is there a way to restrict access to specific reports?

Managers and Supervisors may assign any of the default roles (OHS Committee Chairs, Safety officers, Wardens, First aid related roles). Only OHS Committee Chairs and Safety Officers are granted access to all Hazard and Incident reports that the assigning Manager or Supervisor has access to through a specific register:

After being assigned to the role in SARAH, OHS Committee Chairs and Safety Officers (but not other roles) have access to all Hazard and Incident reports that the assigning Manager or Supervisor has access to, through a specific register:

This means it is important that the role assignment is done by the manager/supervisor of the specific area the safety role is meant to cover, so the holder of the safety role has visibility of the correct area.

If you wish to provide view access to a specific user for a specific report, you can use the invite function within an individual report.

Can I appoint other people to appoint my SafetyRoles?

No, Managers and Supervisors must appoint their own Health and Safety Teams.

Can I appoint Health and Safety roles to casual, sessional and other engagements?

Workers who are not engaged as fixed term or tenured staff may be appointed to specific Health and Safety roles by using the Special Safety Officer and OHS Committee Chair Appointment Form.

These workers should also be delegated access to hazard and incident reports in SARAH by their relevant manager.

Why is the role assigned to a person's position rather than their staff ID number?

Managers and Supervisors can assign a safety related role to any staff member that holds a position under their management control. Safety related roles ‘attach’ to that staff member’s position.

This means that the role will not following the person if they have accepted a new position or left the university. Managers and Supervisors can reallocate these roles any time before, during, and after such changes. If a new person is recruited to the position the role will automatically attach to the new person. If a Manager or Supervisor wishes to maintain a role with a staff member who has moved to a new position, they will need to reassign the role to that person’s new position.

What do I do if I have multiple managerial positions?

In some cases, Managers and Supervisors may hold a number of managerial positions (e.g. The Head of School and the Head of a Department). There is no way to assign a safety related role to part of a Manager or Supervisor’s portfolio in SARAH. In such cases users may either:

  1. Ask the key managers/supervisors within their department/s to each assign the safety related role.
  2. Complete the Special Safety Officer and OHS Committee Chair Appointment Form.

What is the difference between the delegate function and appointing roles?

Delegation is useful tool for transferring your responsibility to an alternate role due periods of extended leave. Roles are useful for delegating your responsibilities in an ongoing capacity but the delegate must be given suitable authority to perform the role. In particular, Safety Officer and OHS Committee Chairs receive the same access as if the appointing Manager or Supervisor were to delegate all SARAH modules to that person.