Industry projects for students

Industry projects for students

Host an intern and catalyse life-changing experiences for young scientists. From not-for-profit start-ups to international businesses, you can develop scientific minds and innovators in the ecosystem of your organisation. Our students can help you to solve problems with a new lens.


  • WIL is an industry immersion experience, where students can integrate academic studies and professional development.
  • Students complete a "recruitment" process to develop employability skills, including interview techniques, soft skills and professional communication for the workplace.
  • WIL internships are unpaid, although we welcome stipends to cover students’ travel expenses. Monash University insurance covers students for the duration of the internship – including International internships.


  • Student interns are required to complete around 80 – 100 hours of work placement.
  • This can be taken over during the summer period (Late November to January), the winter period (July) or over a semester (usually one day per week if during semester).

What we need from you?

  • Provide a project (Subjected to approval by the academic coordinator).
  • Choose the correct candidate for your project.
  • Mentor and supervise the interns throughout their internship.

How does WIL work?

Step 1: Find a project

  • Contact us and tell us more about the available projects in your organisation. (Subjected to approval by the academic coordinator)

Step 2: Choose a candidate

  • Our WIL STEM team will perform an intial screening of the students and match those applicants to relevant opportunities.
  • We will organise a face to face interview between you/your organisation and the selected candidates.
  • The candidates must pass the face-to-face interviews before commencing their internships.

Step 3: Internship

  • Provide mentoring and supervision to interns throughout their internship.

Step 4: Project completion

  • Upon completion student interns are required to complete a project proposal, a reflection and a final report. This will be supported by an academic supervisor.