Monash University joins international climate alliance

Monash is among a global network of universities to join a new international alliance, set to identify the most effective ways to communicate research-based climate change information to the public.

Research 3 April, 2020
Fossil frozen behavior

Monash led international study reveals major new Australian fossil discovery

Monash palaeontologists have identified the oldest known animals and plants in Australia preserved in amber.

Earth Atmosphere and Environment 3 April, 2020
Dr Agustin Schiffrin and his team at the Monash School of Physics and Astronomy.

Putting artificial intelligence to work in the lab

An Australian-German collaboration has demonstrated fully-autonomous Scanning Probe Microscopy (SPM) operation, applying artificial intelligence and deep learning to remove the need for constant human supervision.

Physics and Astronomy 19 March, 2020
Contamination from PFASs is a threat to the environment

Monash researchers develop new technique to combat toxic PFAS contamination

Contamination from per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) has become an increasing environmental concern.

Chemistry 10 March, 2020
fish eggs

Global warming disrupts animal development, study finds

Future global warming could have major implications for animal population numbers with higher temperatures already affecting embryo development, scientists have warned.

Biology 3 March, 2020
neutron stars

New study reveals possible formation of massive neutron stars from stellar collision

17th August 2017: a date marked down in the history books—the day the LIGO/Virgo collaboration made the first detection of gravitational waves from the death spiral of two neutron stars. Just 1.7 seconds later, astronomers observed a short

Physics and Astronomy 3 March, 2020

Microalgae, and future food for thought

They’re responsible for more than 75 per cent of the Earth’s oxygen supply, but often get no credit for it.

Science 28 February, 2020
Dr Francine Marques

Low fibre diet can cause high blood pressure, international study finds

An international study co-led by Monash scientists has confirmed for the first time that low fibre diets may lead to high blood pressure – the ‘silent disease’ which affects one third of Australian adults.

Biology 26 February, 2020

Sexual reproduction: sometimes it’s just not worth the effort, study finds

Why do most plants and animals engage in sexual reproduction?

Biology 11 February, 2020