Assoc Prof. Oliver Nebel - Honours Project

Metal re-distribution in oceanic crust at Atlantis Bank (Indian Ocean)

Supervisor(s):  Oliver Nebel
Field of study: Igneous petrology, isotope geochemistry/geochronology
Projects available: 1
Support Offered: laboratory access

The oceanic core complex at Atlantis Bank on the SW Indian Ridge offers a unique opportunity to study processes within the deep oceanic crust. A deep part of this crust is exposed and has been drilled by the International Ocean Discovery Program (IODP).

In this project, you will investigate rocks with sulphides in drilled rocks and investigate the metal mobility within oceanic gabbros. With the help of Fe-Cu-Zn isotopes, you will study the circulation and mobility of these metals in the deeper crust, which have likely been mobilised by deep circulating seawater.

The study involves the analyses of stable metal isotopes, detailed petrographic investigations of thin sections and the analyses of sulphides by laser ablation techniques.

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