Prof. Ray Cas - Honours Projects

Deep melting during the structural evolution of The Newer Volcanics Province

Supervisor(s): Fabio Capitanio, Ray Cas, Jozua van Otterloo and Jackson van den Hove
Field of study: Tectonics, Volcanology
Support offered: Training in numerical modelling of tectonic processes
Preferred Programme: Honours

The goal of the project is to understand the relationship between lithospheric-scale stress field, faulting, and volcanism in the Newer Volcanics Province of Victoria. This area offers the opportunity to identify where trans-tensional windows may have developed during NVP volcanism, influenced by the N-S trending structural crustal
fabric of Palaeozoic basement faults, and WNW trending Otway basin faults. Could such a configuration facilitate decompression in the underlying mantle and trigger partial melting? Modelling will investigate the effect of pressure release during the lithospheric faulting and the impact on the P-T conditions for melting. The project
involves the compilation and critical analysis of available data to constrain the timing and depth of magma emplacement and provenance within the structural framework of the area. Then, analytical or numerical modelling approaches will be used to provide realistic scenarios for P-T conditions and link them to the field observations.
This analysis can be weighted according the student’s interest into a major volcanology or modelling component.

For further information contact: Fabio Capitanio or Ray Cas