Information sessions

First Steps Sessions


The first step to take when considering a global experience is to attend a Monash Abroad First Steps session. Attendance at these sessions is compulsory to be considered for exchange. In this session we’ll cover:

  • types of programs available
  • whether you are eligible
  • how to register for semester exchange and study abroad
  • how you can finance your trip

Our First Steps Session for Semester 2, 2021 is now available for viewing. Please click here to begin your exchange journey! All videos for Semester 2, 2021 are available in this playlist.

Regional Advising Sessions and Country Spotlights


Regional Advising Sessions are run by the Monash Abroad International Education Coordinators (IEC), and will cover the in-depth regional-specific information regarding your exchange. The IECs can provide answers to specific questions you may have about your exchange. These are compulsory to view as part of your exchange application.

Country Spotlights are short videos focusing on particular countries within each region, especially those with additional requirements. These are not compulsory but extremely useful if you are preparing an application for the countries in question.

Further information

Following the Regional Advising Sessions, you may book into one of our weekly region-specific live-stream sessions (on Zoom) with your relevant IEC. You must have watched both First Steps, as well as the relevant Regional Advising Session before you can book into one of these sessions below.

the Americas | the UK | Europe | Asia

You may be required to book into a 1:1 consultation with an IEC. Please ensure you have done extensive research and watched all available videos prior to booking a 1:1 consultation. Please note that not all students will require a 1:1 session - if you are unsure please email your coordinator or book into a live-stream and you will be advised if a 1:1 is required.

To book into a session, please click the relevant IEC's name below.

Mandi Burns (The Americas, the UK)
Rachel Taylor (Europe, Africa)
Ryland Sack (Asia, Global Intercampus Programs, the Middle East)
Hui Jin Tiong - email (Oceania)