Academic considerations

There are some subjects (units) that, for different reasons, are not available to you as an exchange or study abroad student.

Some examples include:

  • In most cases, 4th year and honours units are not available to exchange or study abroad students.
  • Postgraduate units are only available to postgraduate students (those who have already completed a bachelor degree).
  • You can study your units across the Clayton and the Caulfield campuses. However, if you wish to study units taught at the Peninsula or Parkville campuses, you must take all of your units at that single respective campus.
  • Units offered only offshore (Malaysia, Prato etc) are not available unless you are studying at that campus or location.
  • You are permitted to enrol in a maximum 1 of your 4 units per semester as off-campus learning (OCL) or distance education (DE) mode, however, this must be confirmed with your home university first.
  • Most units don't have quotas, but occasionally the number of students has to be restricted. We'll notify you as early as possible if you've chosen a unit where this is the case, and we'll suggest some equivalent or alternative units for you to choose from.

By following the advice on this page, you can create a study plan with units that work best for you.

Restrictions (by faculty)