How to apply

Entry requirements

Before you apply to come to Monash on exchange or study abroad, you should check that you meet the following entry requirements. You must:

  • have completed at least one full year at your home university
  • have achieved a minimum GPA of 3.0 or 60 per cent or equivalent
  • meet our English language requirements.

English language requirements

All students applying for non-award study as an exchange or study abroad student must show they can meet the University’s minimum English language proficiency requirements.

Improving your English

If you don't meet the minimum English language requirements for study at Monash, you could take an English language course through our English Language Centre. You'll need to pay additional tuition fees; however as a study abroad or exchange student you'll receive discounted rates.

Studying English for credit

As part of our pre-approved units, you can study English as an international language. The focus is on international and intercultural communication in English, and you can study the units at undergraduate or postgraduate level.

Creating your study plan

Part of the process of applying to Monash is creating a study plan. Your study plan is the list of subjects you plan to study while on exchange/study abroad, and forms part of your application – you need to list the subjects you want to study on page four of your application.

When creating your study plan you should consider the following:

  1. Have a look at the study options available to you, and also check out our list of pre-approved units.
  2. Be aware that some units have restrictions or limitations – you should read through these academic considerations carefully.
  3. Choose four units that you'd really like to study, plus an additional four units you'd be just as happy with – sometimes classes are cancelled if enrolment quotas aren't met, so being prepared for this is a must.
  4. Check that the units you want to study will be offered in the semester you will be at Monash.
  5. Choose units from a single campus only. The exceptions to this rule are the Australian campuses Clayton and Caulfield – a shuttle bus operates between these campuses so units can be selected from each.
  6. As an undergraduate student you can only select 1st, 2nd or 3rd year level units.
  7. In most cases 4th year and honours units are not available to exchange and study abroad students
  8. Postgraduate students are considered on a case-by-case basis, and many postgraduate units are not available to exchange or study abroad students. If you are applying for postgraduate units where work experience is a pre-requisite, please submit a copy of your resume/CV with your Monash Abroad application.

Tips for creating your study plan

Apply now

The application process differs slightly depending on whether you'll be coming to Monash for study abroad or exchange. As a quick reference – you're classified as an exchange student if your home university has an exchange agreement with Monash, and if it doesn't, you're a study abroad student.

Exchange student application process

Because we have an agreement with your home institution, you need to be nominated in the first instance by them, after which you will be invited to apply by Monash Abroad.

Study abroad application process

There are two ways to apply to study abroad at Monash:

  1. Apply through using a study abroad agent or through your home university
  2. Apply yourself, directly to Monash Abroad. Please email your completed application to:

* There is some flexibility with the application deadlines (listed below) for Study Abroad students. Please email for an extension if you cannot make these deadlines.

Application deadlines

  • Semester one (Feb – Jun):
  • October 15

  • Semester two (Jul – Nov):
  • March 15  

    Find out more about key dates.

What next?

You'll know your exchange or study abroad program has been approved when you receive an offer of admission from Monash Abroad. Find out more about the next steps in the application approval process.

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