International exchange program

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What is international exchange?

If your home institution has an exchange agreement in place with us, then you can come to a Monash campus on exchange for one or two semesters at a time. Exchange is great because it means you can take advantage of streamlined application processes and seamless integration into the Monash way of life.  Many units are pre-approved, and fee agreements are made easy – you won't pay any extra tuition fees to come to Monash.

We have reciprocal student exchange arrangements with more than 100 universities worldwide – why not check out the exchange partner list to see if your university is one of them.

Not from a partner university?

If your university is not a Monash Abroad partner but you still want to come here for study, no problem! This means you're a fee-paying study abroad student, and we have separate information for you.

Why come to Monash on exchange?

We've got campuses around the world – in Australia and Malaysia – meaning you can team your study at one of the best unis in the world (we're ranked 84th in the world by Times Higher Education) learning to surf at Bells Beach; the birthplace of iconic brands Rip Curl and Quiksilver, or exploring exotic Southeast Asian destinations, like Angkor Wat, during your semester holidays. It's all possible with Monash.

Exchange at Monash means you'll have access to exactly the same opportunities and support services as all Monash students. But you'll also benefit from special events, excursions and workshops to help you make friends and get settled.

Find out more about why you should choose Monash.

How does it work?

As an exchange student you will:

  • enrol full-time (18-24 credit points) at a Monash campus
  • continue to pay your normal tuition fees to your home university
  • receive a Monash academic transcript with grades upon completion – depending on the arrangement with your home uni you may receive credit for the courses you study at Monash towards your home degree
  • get help finding accommodation
  • receive lots of support and other services while you're with us.

What can I study?

Monash is all about choice. We offer more than 6000 units (subjects) across our eight campuses in Australia and Malaysia. You could study the aeronautics of Seahawk helicopters, Japanese linguistics, Australian Indigenous art and design, the economics of climate change, or the challenges  of child and youth development in third-world countries.

Find out more about your study options, as well as life at Monash – because it's about much more than just hitting the books.

How much will it cost?

One of the best reasons for coming to Monash on exchange is that your study doesn't cost you anything extra. Your tuition fees are paid to your home university, just as they would be if you weren't on exchange.

Things like accommodation (whether you decide to live on or off-campus), living costs, travel and entertainment costs aren't included in your fees, so you should budget for these items just like you would at home. You'll also need  to factor in the cost of compulsory insurance and visas.

You may be eligible for a scholarship from your home university or government, and many externally funded bodies also offer scholarships for students to study overseas. You should talk to your exchange program coordinators to find out what's available to you before you leave home.

Ready to apply

Because your university has an exchange agreement with us, you need to apply through them. Talk to your exchange program coordinators to find out what you need to do to make Monash your first preference.