Off-campus Accommodation

Living off-campus

Living off-campus during your study abroad or exchange is easy – because all Monash campuses are centrally located, accessible by public transport and serviced by university shuttle busses.

The options for living off-campus are many and varied depending on which campus you decide to attend. But before you go any further with your research, check out Monash Residential Service Off-campus Accommodation for renting advice, typical accommodation costs and tips for inspecting properties. Living on-campus is recommended (but not required) for Sunway, Malaysia students.

If you'll be studying in Australia Consumer Affairs Victoria gives you lots of advice about your rights as a renter.

Where to live

In Australia

There are many off-campus accommodation options around our Clayton and Caulfield campuses, but they tend to be in high demand. If you want to live a bit closer to the city with an easy commute, try looking for places to live in suburbs like St Kilda – one of Melbourne's beachfront suburbs, South Yarra – home to the famous Chapel Street shopping strip, or Richmond – perfect if you like pub food and watching live sports like Australian Rules Football.

Areas like as Brunswick, Fitzroy and Northcote are vibrant and full of bars, cafes and shops, however it can take a bit longer to get to Monash.

When looking for the accommodation that'll suit you, it's a good idea to Google the area. See what's on in terms of community events and you'll get an idea of the kind of people (demographic) who live there. These links might help you when looking for student and share accommodation*:

Monash has provided a list of preferred off-campus accommodation options for students here.*


EasyRoommate* is a good place to look for accommodation in both Australia and Malaysia.

Before you sign anything

Be sure to research the accommodation provider thoroughly and beware of using classified advertisement websites for finding accommodation. We recommend that you do not sign an agreement or pay any money to the landlord without seeing your accommodation in person.

Contact us

If you have any questions please can contact us.

* Monash University has no formal or informal relationship, commercial or otherwise with any of the service providers named here. Monash Abroad does not advocate these services and the providers listed over any other service providers in Melbourne. These examples have been listed simply to provide examples of resources available in areas convenient to Monash campuses.

These resources and details are provided as examples of accommodation providers and agents that may be useful in your search for accommodation during your stay in Melbourne to study at Monash. Your search and research should not be limited to those providers displayed here. We encourage that you seek further advice in conjunction with Consumer Affairs Victoria.