Why Study Abroad in Melbourne

Introductions (00:00 – 00:21)

Christian: I’m Christian Eisenhower, and I go to Lebanon Valley College in Pennsylvania.

Cassie: My name is Cassie, I’m from Warwick University.

David: Hi, my name is David, and I’m from Monash South Africa. I am from South Africa.

Juliette: I’m Juliette. I am from Paris in France. I am studying at the University of Sciences Po.

Taj: Hey, what’s up. I’m Taj Simmons, I’m from De Paul University.

So… why Australia? (00:21 – 00:36)

Cassie: Well, Australia seemed like a pretty interesting country.

Christian: Australia, the other side of the world – it was just pretty awesome.

Taj: I had some friends growing up who had personal ties to Australia and they told me about how good it was and how the culture is.

Culture? (00:36-01:05)

Cassie: To me, Australia is a weird mix between the American culture and the English culture.

Christian: Like, being from America I feel like Australia as a whole is in the same situation the US was about fifty years ago, kind of with Indigenous people, like we were like with the Civil Rights movements and everything like that.

David: The culture in Melbourne, it’s just… it’s one of a kind. I definitely recommend getting to know a local, and they will show you some pretty amazing places around Melbourne.

What do you love about Melbourne? (01:05-01:52)

David: Oh! The pastries! Good food.

Juliette: It’s really artistic.

Cassie: It’s really diverse, and I wasn’t really expecting Melbourne to be like that, actually.

Juliette: It’s a city with many different aspects.

Cassie: Like, when you walk in the centre of Melbourne, you see loads of different things in the same area. You have big CBD buildings, and then you have beautiful old buildings.

Juliette: But when you go to Fitzroy, it seems so little like Paris, with just little shops, little gardens. And just in the suburbs, it’s like the country.

Cassie: You feel really safe, as well, when you walk around Melbourne.

David: The people are welcoming. Everyone’s just really, really awesome here.

Have you travelled around Australia? (01:52-02:31)

Juliette: I travelled a little around Melbourne, I visit Mornington Peninsula, Healesville Sanctuary and Dandenong, and I really like Mornington Peninsula, it’s really beautiful landscapes.

David: I think the one place I really enjoyed was Perth. I travelled down there because the South African rugby team was coming to play versus Australia, and I could not miss it. So I went down to Perth, went to the stadium and the atmosphere was ridiculous!

Christian: Seeing the outback. Like, you’re only going to be in Australia once in your life, most likely…. and to actually see all of this – unbelievable.

What has been the best thing about your exchange? (02:31-03:29)

David: The number of people that I have met here is just… it’s not anything that I thought I would ever experience.

Juliette: I arrived here two months ago and I discovered a lot of things that I didn’t think about it before. Yeah, it’s a great experience to meet people, to seeing different ways…

Cassie: You visit the world and see what’s out there, interact with other cultures and be open to other countries and other cultures, because in the globalised world, I think that’s what employers are going to look for.

Taj: As far as studying abroad in general, I mean, I really like seeing new things, like I went a long way from my home to my college in the west, and to come this long to get to Australia – it’s just another adventure, it’s just another way to get to learn more things, because you can’t learn if you stay in one place.