Orientation (run by Monash Abroad) is a really important part of getting settled into Monash – your enrolment is finalised, and we give you lots of information you won't find elsewhere, so you should make sure you organise your travel to arrive in time.

Orientation takes place about 10 days before the start of semester (usually in the second week of February and the first week of July) – have a look at the key dates.

Programs and evening activities

We'll email you the appropriate orientation program well before you leave home, but you can check the details earlier.


We'll help you settle in with helpful information sessions, and interactive activities where you can meet new people from around the world.

If you'd like to hit the town, then the evening activities organised by the Monash Student Association might be for you. Sample some of Melbourne finest food, pubs and bars, and dance the night away. MSA also organise special events like the Monash Abroad Movie night, functions and camps to keep you entertained and always making new friends.


We spend the morning making sure you're registered and feel welcome at Monash Malaysia. From mid morning we might play some ice-breaker games and activities, and we'll ensure you know your way around and feel safe with various briefings and a campus tour. We'll round out the day with lunch and some time outside, and then finish off with some paperwork (like how to open bank accounts and that sort of thing).