Allocation and Nomination

After you submit your application to Monash Abroad, you will receive an automated email from the Monash Abroad Portal confirming that you have submitted your application. Your application will go through two rounds of assessment;

  1. Monash Abroad assessment: meeting the minimum eligibility requirements and attendance of the relevant advising sessions.
  2. Faculty assessment: confirmation that the proposed units in your study plan can be approved and that you have sufficient space in your degree for your exchange to be approved.

Once both of these steps are confirmed, you will progress to the allocation phase.

Withdrawing your application

If you wish to withdraw your participation in a Semester Abroad / Global Intercampus Program, it is your responsibility to notify Monash Abroad as soon as you make this decision. If you withdraw your participation for reasons other than those accepted as extenuating circumstances, you will not be able to reapply for a Semester Abroad / Global Intercampus  Program in the subsequent application round. You will be required to show proof that your reason for withdrawing your application meets the definition of extenuating circumstances.

Extenuating circumstances are defined as any event that is:

  • unavoidable
  • unforeseen
  • outside the control of the student, or
  • not primarily the fault of the student (i.e. resulting from the student's discretion or choice)

Supporting documentation will vary depending on the situation, some examples may be a medical certificate, death certificate, or notice of visa rejection or delay by the host country authorities. Students who are unsure of what to provide should contact their Monash International Education Coordinator to clarify what documentation is required.

Reasons that will not be considered extenuating circumstances are:

  • being unsuccessful in being nominated for your first, second or third appropriate institutional preference (for Semester Abroad Programs)
  • having insufficient funds to support your semester abroad
  • being unable to take leave from your place of employment
  • choosing to participate in an alternative international study or travel experience that coincides with the period for which you’ve applied
  • changing your course plan AFTER an acceptable study plan has been approved by your faculty
  • changing your mind (i.e. deciding that your prefer to stay at home during this time)
  • any other rationale that could be reasonably planned for in advance of submitting an application to participate in the Global Semester Abroad / Global Intercampus Program.