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Open Research Data Showcase


Shortly after the previous edition of Share went to press, ANDS hosted the Open Research Data Showcase in Canberra to highlight the work of the ANDS Major Open Data Collections (MODC) and Open Data Collections (ODC) programs.

Attended by 100 invited guests, the event welcomed representatives from 33 research institutions, as well as the Department of Education and Training, the Australian Research Council (ARC) and other NCRIS programs.

 Australia's (then) Chief Scientist Professor Ian Chubb with Senator RyanThe event was opened by Hon. Senator Scott Ryan, then Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Education, who used his speech to flag the importance of the NCRIS program and the Australian research community. "This event shows how opening data collections for wider use has a multiplying effect, as these collections support researchers to increase and improve research, producing better quality data in higher volumes and often faster," Senator Ryan told the audience. "Australia's research  data is a significant national resource."

Australia's Chief Scientist Professor Ian Chubb spoke about the importance of science and ICT to the pursuit of research. He went on to pose a number of open questions about the future of research data.

The final speaker was Professor Geoffrey Boulton, Regius Professor of Geology Emeritus at the University of Edinburgh, and principal author of the Royal Society's influential report Science as an Open Enterprise. An engaging presentation provided Professor Boulton's perspective on the importance of open data as a glaciologist and the benefits of this approach to the wider scientific community.

Open Research Data posters

Western Sydney University's open data posterThe display of 35 posters included examples  drawn from projects undertaken right across Australia,  reinforcing the diversity of research being undertaken and the collaborative efforts across NCRIS programs.

As Senator Ryan stated in his opening speech: "What these examples, together with today's event, show clearly, is the importance of supporting research data at the institutional level as well as at the national level."

Six video interviews were also commissioned in cooperation with individual projects, which were shown during the day.